Bond Cleaning Gold Coast

There is no job too big or small for a Popins bond clean.

Whether you are vacating an apartment on the Gold Coast or emptying a warehouse, Popins is your one stop shop for ensuring full bond returns. We pride ourselves in taking that bit of extra care and attention that most Gold Coast bond cleaning companies don’t.

We clean everything, not just around things, to make sure you get your bond back. Our business was founded on these principals and customer satisfaction is guaranteed when you have a Popins exit clean.

Bond Cleaning Services

When our cleaners visit for an exit clean, they will:

  • Wash windows/doors
  • Remove dust from ceiling fans
  • Clean the oven/stove
  • Clean tiles, sinks and fixtures in bathroom
  • Remove marks from walls

Call a ‘Mary’ for a magic clean and make sure you get all of your bond. Contact us today to schedule your cleaning

1300 877 403

Read our list of tips to get your bond back.

Getting your bond back starts with the day you move into a property. Your agent or manager should supply you with a condition report. Once you have moved in, check everything very carefully. Anything listed on the report that does not agree with the condition of the property should be noted. This can include nail holes, marks on walls or surfaces, state of cleanliness. Items, including light bulbs that are not in working condition should also be noted. If there is any doubt, take photos of any defects. Keep both in a safe place with your copy of the report.

When leaving a property make sure to check it against any condition report. Fill any holes created. For larger areas that have suffered any damage, make sure that repairs are carried out before any cleaning is done. Before the cleaning starts, ensure that all your property has been removed. Check all drawers, including behind bottom drawers where things drop and accumulate. Check that all light bulbs are in working order and replace where needed. For air conditioning remotes, replace batteries.

Once repairs, replacements and removal of property is done, it’s time to call in the bond cleaners. This is a specialised type of cleaning and does require time. For a full list of outgoing tips for getting your bond back please see the tips section on our site.