Time to air out your blankets and doonas!

The cooler weather has hit with a vengeance. Time to take the blankets and doonas out of the cupboards. Make sure to air them well, preferably in the sun for a few hours, before putting them onto beds. They can get musty in the cupboards. A good breezy day is the best time to hang blankets and doonas, the air circulates and the sun will kill any residual odours or hidden beasties. Make sure doonas are shaken out well to fluff them up again. Pillows can be given the same treatment or washed according to any instructions.

If you are switching to flannelette sheets for the cooler months make sure they are really dry before making beds. Sweat can accumulate and make the sheets feel damp. This is not healthy for sleeping and needs to be kept an eye on. Remember that clothes that have been stored away can also benefit from a good airing. Check for any mould or mildew stains prior to hanging in wardrobes again.