Bond Cleaning Tips – Windows and Coverings

Whether you have blinds, curtains or shutters, all window coverings need to be thoroughly cleaned when you leave your property. Due to the use of air conditioners in high temperatures, windows and coverings can easily get mould deposits. These need to be checked regularly throughout the tenancy as mould can eat into venetian blinds and window sills. A regular clean with cleaning vinegar will help to prevent damage and ensure your bond will be returned.

If your property has curtains they will need to be washed and rehung prior to moving out. To avoid wrinkles, hang curtains while they are still damp. If they are rubber backed, make sure to use only cold water to wash them. If you have animals, a good vacuum will remove animal hair.

Wooden venetians and shutters require each individual slat to be cleaned of all dust and marks. This is a time consuming job and should be done as close as possible to the end of your tenancy as dust will re-settle very quickly.

All windows and the tracks they stand in also need to be thoroughly washed. A quick vacuum of tracks on a regular basis will make this job easier. The majority of sliding windows can be popped out to do a complete job. If screens are on windows, make sure to clean these at the same time to prevent any dust blowing through them onto clean windows.

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