Oh, Those Floors. Choosing the right cleaning product for your floor

From tiles to timber, lino to wood look, most flooring has a recommended commercial cleaning product. The majority have a detergent in them. Using these products will certainly clean your floors but they also leave a soapy residue. This will make your floors feel tacky underfoot and dust and dirt will stick and look dirty very quickly.

High sheen tiling can be just as difficult as mop marks can be seen very easily. There are a number of solutions. For high sheen tiling a steam mop gives the best result. There are no mop marks and the floors are ready to walk on very quickly. Steam mopping is more time consuming and doesn’t get into corners as well as regular mops but gives one of the best results.

Alternatively, very hot water with Cleaning Vinegar will give a no streak result too. Wring the mop as well as you can before cleaning and change the water regularly. This also applies to marble floors. Steam mops are not recommended for wood flooring. Specific wood flooring products are best used. A light buff with a polisher will make them gleam after cleaning.

Most other tiles will benefit from either steam or regular mopping. If a detergent based product is used, re-mop with hot clean water to remove residue. Cleaning Vinegar gives the best result for all bathroom and kitchen tiling as it also disinfects.