Easiest way to get rid of outdoor moss & mould

We all love to sit on a balcony during the warmer months and enjoy the fresh air. It’s only when you sit down that you realise there is a build up of green, mossy looking mildew on the undersides of the railings. Around the edges of the balcony can also get this build up or just mould.

Mossy Log

If your railings are this mossy, you’re in trouble.

To get rid of it, use a bucket of hot water with either cleaning vinegar or bleach. Run a wet rag around the undersides of the railing a couple of times. Do not rinse off. This will deter another build up for months at a time. Cleaning vinegar is also a great alternative to products containing palm oil!

scrubbing brushAround the edges you will need a strong broom or a brush. Splash a little around the edges and give a good brush to remove all mould. Make sure any pot plants are removed first and give their area a good brush too to remove water marks. For unit balconies, check water pipes for any build up of dirt to make it easier for rain to run away. A good rinse and mop and the balcony is ready to enjoy again.