Horror humidity, dealing with mould from high humidity.

With humidity in the high 80’s it’s time to ensure mould hasn’t invaded your property. Places to check include windows, blinds and cupboards. Make sure your bathroom is aired thoroughly or black mould will appear in showers. In unventilated areas mould can appear on walls and ceilings. Wooden and venetian blinds are susceptible to mould too so make sure they are dropped and cleaned before any build up occurs.

A light wash with cleaning vinegar in hot water can deter mould from forming. If it is already appearing make sure a scrub with a vinegar solution cleans the mould and the surrounding area.

Mould in showers can look pink to orange as it is starting to grow. A vinegar or bleach solution can deter the spread. Once the mould spreads under any silicon sealant there is no way to remove it. The sealant must be removed, the area dried and then resealed. Prevent this by regular cleaning of shower cubicles and airing of bathrooms.