One simple tip to avoid using Palm Oil while cleaning

Cleaning Vinegar!

This product can be used safely as an alternative to many products on the market. Adding a third of a cup to hot water when washing your floors will prevent steaks as it dries and disinfects at the same time. With palm oil or detergent in most products on the market, floors can look dull and accumulate dust very quickly. Using cleaning vinegar will prevent any tacky feeling when you walk on freshly mopped floors and keep the shine on tiles for longer.

If you want your windows to shine then cleaning vinegar is the best product to use. A simple wash with a non scratch cloth and then use a blade to wipe the residue away. With no oil base, windows will sparkle. This can be applied to any glass surface, including tables, shower screens and mirrors. Kitchen benches will also benefit from the disinfecting quality of the vinegar.