Spring is Just Around the Corner.

The last of the Winter season is finally here and Spring is lying in wait. Time to do a stock take of your cleaning needs over the coming months.


Spring is a great time to clean and freshen up. Many homes have had little fresh air circulating through the colder months. Time to check windows for signs of mould from condensation and air conditioners. Make certain that window sills are wiped down with a mild solution of cleaning vinegar as a preventative measure against mould. Left to thrive it will stain and corrode.

Bathrooms can always use a dose of fresh air and a check for any mould build up from steam. Bleach or cleaning vinegar will remove most build ups. Allow fresh air to circulate to remove odours. Clean out vents and wipe down fans for optimum performance. Fans and vents accumulate dust and combined with steam coagulate and make them inefficient.

Walls and doorways can use a good clean to remove hand and fingerprints. To completely refresh walls, use a sugar soap solution.

If it all sounds like hard work, give us a call. We offer a Spring Cleaning service that will freshen up your home to enjoy in the coming warmer months.