Summer around the corner, time for Outdoor Living!

Cleaning tips for summer and outdoor living

The days are getting warmer and it’s almost time to move back outside. Time to check on the outdoor furniture and give them a brush up. A good clean with a brush first – don’t forget underneath tables and chairs – to get rid of any built up dirt and cobwebs. Check chairs for ants as well as spiders. Wipe down glass tables with a cleaning vinegar solution to deodorise as well as clean. Wooden furniture may need a polish as well as a scrub. If the wood is fading, it may be time to re oil or re-coat with a sealant.

Cleaning outdoor furnitureCheck all fly screens and run a light brush over the mesh to get rid of dust. Make sure doors and windows are closed to avoid dust inside. The same vinegar solution can be used to wipe down all frames. Make sure all balcony railings are given a wipe down to get rid of any bird contributions or greening from damp weather, particularly on the underside.

Open up umbrellas to air and check for any mould or deterioration in fabrics. A warm vinegar solution can also be used on these to kill the mould. Balcony and patio tiles can usually benefit from a good scrub at this time of year too. If grouting is discolouring, either a vinegar solution or a mild bleach solution should help. A long handled scrubbing brush will make this an easier job. If using bleach, make sure to rinse well.

Any mats in front of BBQ’s need to be lifted and checked for dirt and mould or any grease residue. After a scrub, ensure the area is dry before replacing mats. Wash or air mats well before replacing.

Check the Barby is ready to go and you are ready for outdoor living again.