The things we forget.


With an economy tighter than ever many people are attempting to do their own bond clean. The idea is to save as much money as possible. Unfortunately this is proving to be a costly way to go.

If you have never done a full bond clean before, it is time to look at your exit report
from your agent. Things most commonly overlooked are:

Light fittings.

These need to be removed, wash, dried and replaced to get rid of bugs as well as dust.

Kitchen lights often get a light coating of grease so a hot water wash is essential.

While doing the cleaning ensure all light bulbs are in working order. Replace any that are needed.


A dishwasher needs to be cleaned on the inside as well as wiping the outside. Remove any filter and run a hot water cycle after spraying. It will all need wiping down, including the drawers and around all the seals and edges. Replace all movable parts when finished.

Fridge cavity.

Once the fridge has been removed all walls and skirting will need a thorough scrub.

At the rear of the cavity there is often a space at the top which tends to be overlooked.

Cobwebs accumulate and need to be removed. Ensure all corners are scrubbed to remove build up.


Windows, sliding doors and internal cupboards all run on tracks. These need to be thoroughly cleaned for a bond clean. A toothbrush will lift much of the grime.

Vacuuming will not do the job, they have to be washed. All windows or doors that can be lifted out should be. Residue builds up at the ends of the tracks and needs to be cleaned. While windows are out, clean them to save yourself time.

Remembering these simple areas will prevent the need for cleaners to be called to remedy the situation and the ensuing loss of bond monies. Alternatively, use the professional cleaners who do it all the time.